~Fair Warning~

Fair warning! A sparkle's in his eyes.
Your presence makes him come alive.
It’s been slow going - 
The not knowing
Just when you’ll discover
True love like no other.

Just listen! His laughter’s louder now.
He hangs upon your every word.
So just wait longer.
When love’s stronger,
The thrill of forever
Will find you together.

Fair warning! He never skips a chance
To spend a little time with you.
He’s no risk-taker,
No heart-breaker.
If ever he says it,
You know that he means it.

His longing simply can’t be hid.
His breath comes faster when you’re near.
It’s obvious your favorite man
Is a loyal fan.
Catch him while you can.
Fair warning to you!

©2010 Sharon Rose 

       ~Fell in Love~

She thought a little deeper;
He laughed a little louder.

She nudged him with her elbow,
And he smiled.

He looked into his viewfinder
And zoomed in on her face.

She learned to like a sport
Because he cared.

She realized he was smart,
And that made her feel secure.

He came out of his shell
To make her grin.

She valued him much more
Than first impressions said she would,

Because once she stopped and listened,
He would talk.

He got her full attention,
And his eyes began to shine!

Then he looked into her eyes
Till they shone, too.

And the friendship that developed
Was based on loyalty . . .

Ability to trust . . .
And just plain fun!

They were perfect for each other –
Anyone could see that now.

All their friends said this would be
The perfect match.

They were happy and at peace,
And sure God’s hand was on their lives . . .

All because two people fell in LOVE.

©2010 Sharon Rose

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