~Pardon My Dust~

When I act imperfect, 
Please pardon my dust.
Construction is still underway.
My Foreman is Jesus. 
His blueprint I trust -
But the job won't 
Be finished today.

If you catch me complaining
Or being a jerk,
Remember the Builder's not through.
Refurbishing me 
Takes a lot of hard work.
Aren't you glad it's 
Not all up to you?

Your advice and your help 
Might be just what I need,
And I really do try to adjust.
But ultimately, it's 
Between God and me.
Please be patient - 
And pardon my dust!

©2011 Sharon Rose 


Loving parents, don’t forget 
I need some time to be ignored,
Time to learn that boredom 
Isn’t all that bad.
I’d like to have a chance 
To know I’m sick before I’m cured,
And to feel alone, ashamed, 
Confused, and sad.

You like me to be excited, 
Full of joy, success, and fun,
But if life is always like that, 
Count me out.
I want to know reality - 
That battle to be won.
After all, can faith be real 
If there’s no doubt?

When you praise my every effort 
And you set the standard high,
I’m afraid you won’t 
Accept me when I fail.
If you are “only human” - w
hen you’re 
Wrong, at least you tried -
Then forgive me if I 
Don’t get into Yale!

Life is messy - that’s a fact - 
And your love for me is clear,
Even when you make me 
Clean up my own mess.
Relaxation is an art, as is 
The choice to be sincere . . .
So please laugh with me, 
And never mind the stress.

I love you.

©2011 Sharon Rose 


S tressed
A nxious
D isappointed

B ody strain
L onely
U ncertainty
F rustrated
F acing reality

C onfused
R est-deprived
Y earning

© 2011 Sharon Rose

~Such a Treat~

Bella, you're so special to me!
You're my best companion, you see.
You brought me warmth and cheer,
When I needed a doggie to hold dear.
I love you, Bella.

You are my adorable friend,
Walking with me round every bend.
Funny, fuzzy, cuddly, and sweet -
How I love you Bella!
You're such a treat!

© 2010 Sharon Rose 

        ~What is a Grandmother~

Who always wants you to have thirds?
Who always throws bread to the birds?
Who always says the perfect words?
That's what a grandma's about!

Who always colors pics with you?
Who always cooks delicious stew?
Who always helps you think things through?
That's what a grandma's about!

Who always helps you do things right?
Who always gives you fun, not fight?
Who always says you need more light?
That's what a grandma's about!

© 1992 Sharon Rose 

~The Common Bond of Missionary Kids~

MKs eat together, compete together -
  Six days in a year.
MKs walk together, talk together,
  Full of friendly cheer.

MKs pray together, play together -
  Kinship we can claim!
MKs laugh together, act together,
  Silliness our aim!

MKs tease each other, believe in each other,
  Make ourselves at home.
MKs love each other, hug each other,
  Though apart we roam.

MKs tolerate each other
  When we cannot get along.
MKs give each other courage,
  Always ready with a song.

MKs never are so different
  That we can't communicate.
MKs have a common bond
  That just does not disintegrate.

© 1997 Sharon Rose 

~Asperger's Syndrome~

Call me quiet.
Call me smart.
Find my hobby -
Find my heart!

© 2014 Sharon Rose

~Present-Day Sharon Rose~

I am a woman who finds it
Hard to live in the present.
My past vies for my attention frequently,
My memories strong and clear.
My future, as well, presents itself
In shifting possibilities
To my ever-active imagination.

Analysis of my past and projection of my future
Inhabit my mind and weigh down my soul.
Yet I don't think I need to change,
To focus more intently on the present.
If I did that, I - I'm just not sure
I could still be me.

And who am I? I have a feeling that
I'll finish writing a whole book
And still not know for sure.
It is the plight of all introspective people -
In the quest to know ourselves,
We find that we become more confused . . .
And more confusing.

But I know my name. I like my name.
And maybe that, after all is
The best place to start. . . .
Sharon Rose.

When I was a homeschooled sixth-grader,
I did a Creative Writing assignment
On my name.
In answer to the writing prompts,
I quickly decided that my least favorite time
To hear my own name
Was when my mom was trying her hardest
To wake me up.
And my most favorite time
To hear my own name
Was during the Happy Birthday song.

Twenty-three "Happy Birthdays" later,
I am Sharon Rose. Still me. Still writing.
Still waiting to know who I am.

© 2016 Sharon Rose

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